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HIPAA is a Federal Law designed to protect patients privacy. *
PHI means: *
The main goal of HIPAA is “minimum necessary” information. *
You just pulled up to your clients home. As you get out of the car, a neighbor comes over to ask what’s wrong with your client. What is the proper response? *
There are 3 types of disclosures permitted under HIPAA rules. They are: *
You are at your clients home and the nurse from another agency is there. Is it OK to discuss the client with the nurse? *
Medical records are a prime target for Cyber-criminals. *
It is OK to discuss your client with the following: *
To protect your own security and privacy, it is best to change computer passwords every 90 days and don’t open email when you don’t recognize the sender. *
Always close the app on your phone for ErSp when done using it. *
You must document any changes to your clients’ condition in your notes. *
You are “chatting” on FaceBook with a fellow worker. It’s OK to talk about a client using the client's name. *
When you have client information accessible on your phone, it’s necessary to use a 4 – 6 digit PIN number to lock your phone when not in use. *
When you are on you phone discussing a client with your supervisor, make sure you can not be overheard by someone else. *
Protecting your patients’ privacy is everyone’s responsibility. *